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Reliance Intellicheck Solutions, Inc, "IntelliCheck with Accuracy" is a leading provider of custom Employment Screening company; specialized in County Criminal and Civil and Federal Criminal and Civil searches in 12 Western United States.

Reliance Intellicheck Solutions, Inc. "IntelliCheck with Accuracy" is a public record search and retrieval Services Company, which has been in business since 1993. We are based in Southern California and located in close proximity to Superior Courts of Orange County in Santa Ana, California.

Our goal from the inception is to open our doors to serve our clients with the most accurate and reliable information directly from the source (Courthouses). Reliance Intellicheck Solutions, Inc. takes pride in on-site manual search of the Superior Courts, District Courts, Justice Courts, Magistrates Courts Circuit Court and United States District Court in compliance with legally available research procedures, in each County Court Jurisdiction. We utilize a network of professional court researchers covering Court Jurisdictions across 12 Western United States Counties.

Our Services we strive to provide 100% guaranteed, and we offer our pricing with no corporate overhead, which allows our clients to receive the highest level of quality service at a very competitive price. Reliance Intellicheck Solutions, Inc (IntelliCheck with Accuracy) expanded to 11 Western United States in additional to California servicing all Counties in Criminal and Civil Searches and Federal Criminal and Civil Searches. States : Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. Our response time to Clients request, Challenges and Queries is very Swift, Efficient and Thorough.

Why Reliance Intellicheck Solutions, Inc.?

Listening, Analyzing and Delivering. Listening to our clients about what direction they want to go, analyzing about where they are now and delivering a tailored screening program specific to attaining your goals is what Reliance Intellicheck Solutions, Inc., offers their clients. Our ability to focus our efforts on the wants and needs of our clients is what Reliance Intellicheck Solutions, Inc., does best. Our focus has been and always will be providing our clients simplify screening solutions at a competitive price and in a timely manner.


We listen to your specific goals and request, we submits reports to clients via Client’s web portal, third party Software (Accio Data, BackChecked, Deverus, FRS, TazWorks etc) or Report with Reliance Intellicheck Solutions, Inc, Disposition sheet. Reliance Intellicheck Solutions, Inc, experience employees carefully Review / Quality Control all pertaining case details and provide accurate and thorough case reports to all our Clients.


Regardless of the size of your company, we know that the final products you deliver to your customer is the most important job at hand for Reliance Intellicheck Solutions, Inc and to your company. We have to perform effectively and efficiently, so nothing slows down on your operations delivering the final products. By meeting with all of the pertinent parties, we can identify the best way for each department to meet their own individual needs, while also obtaining the overall company goal. We must clearly understand expectations before we can deliver a successful screening products.


We, certainly deliver what we promise. From the beginning, our accounts managers and customer service representatives work to ensure proper implementation is provided, responsive service is always available, and daily expectations are continuously met in a timely manner.. We not only deliver accurate information fast – we do it the way you need it done – because we listen and learn.

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Our goal from the inception is to open our doors to serve our clients with the most accurate and reliable information directly from the source.

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